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Hello there - MojoJojo - 30-08-2012

I am new and nice to be here. Apart from being new on this forum, I am new to *nix too. My first installation was Crunchbang, and now I am trying to get used to it. :)

Nice to be here, i hope to learn and teach everything in my powers!

RE: Hello there - yrmt - 30-08-2012

Welcome to unixhub ;)

RE: Hello there - Jayro - 30-08-2012

Welcome aboard! I hope to see your around the forums.

RE: Hello there - Test-Run - 30-08-2012

Welcome to UnixHub.
I hope you will remain an active member.


RE: Hello there - MojoJojo - 31-08-2012

Thanks all of you for your warm welcoming!
I will try to be as active as i can and help others as they help me.

I hope that this forum becomes very active and by people that really love computers, not only skids.