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Hola mundo! - greduan - 29-01-2015

My name is Eduardo, commonly referred to as Eduan or Greduan (my username).

Front and back end web developer with a focus on JS, Node.js and (now) io.js.

Long time Arch Linux user (2-3 years) and recent CRUX Linux user (this week).

I like talking about stuff so as long as I have an opinion on it I'll talk about it, the length of the conversation depends on how familiar I am with the subject.

Oh yeah, I'm from Mexico so the title is hello world in Spanish (literal translation).

RE: Hola mundo! - Bones - 30-01-2015

Hello Eduardo, welcome to the nixers! I've been thinking of trying CRUX myself, but I'm pretty happy with OpenBSD and Slackware right now.

RE: Hola mundo! - xero - 31-01-2015

hey greduan
welcome to nixers!

RE: Hola mundo! - eye - 31-01-2015

buenas tardes y bien venido a

have a great time here.

RE: Hola mundo! - venam - 31-01-2015

Hello, welcome to, have a nice stay!

RE: Hola mundo! - srp - 01-02-2015

Welcome to Nixers, you should totes join the IRC.

RE: Hola mundo! - greduan - 02-02-2015

Hey guys, thanks. :)

Sorry for the delay in reading this, but I was installing CRUX and I completely forgot about this, until just now z3bra reminded me of it in the CRUX IRC.

RE: Hola mundo! - greduan - 02-02-2015

vypr, what's the IRC? I can't seem to find it... And on freenode #nixers seems to be invite only...

RE: Hola mundo! - neeasade - 03-02-2015

#nixers on

RE: Hola mundo! - greduan - 03-02-2015

Cool, thanks! Joined now. :)