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Hey team. - Interlude - 04-02-2015

How's it going?

Joined these forums because of the subject matter and the activity; thought it would be nice to say hello. Although I'm more of a software person than a hardware person, I like to believe I have a pretty large facet of knowledge and that I'm not going to ignore a particular subject because it isn't one of my strong suits; with that said I look forward to any sort of relationships or ideas given to me through this board.

- Interlude

RE: Hey team. - z3bra - 04-02-2015

Hi Interlude ! Welcome to the forum !

We don't always speak about hardware here, don't worry ;) We're also really interested in fun/obscure/simple softwares of all sorts. I'm pretty sure you'll enjoy your stay (and I hope you will !)

See ya later !

RE: Hey team. - venam - 04-02-2015

Hello, welcome to our forums.

RE: Hey team. - xero - 04-02-2015

welcome to nixers!

RE: Hey team. - cjm - 05-02-2015

Welcome to the club!