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Hey! - banana - 10-02-2015

Hi Guys!

I discover this comunity when i talked with dcat about his program swm on Github and .. Here i am! My nickname is banana, and, oh yeah, i like linux ;)

I'm italian and a newbie programmer ( suck code in C ). Oh, now i work on Debian 7.0.

See later, bye!

RE: Hey! - fayesafe - 10-02-2015

welcome to the community, have a nice stay and visit our irc :))

RE: Hey! - xero - 10-02-2015

welcome to nixers!

RE: Hey! - z3bra - 11-02-2015

Hi Banana! If I remember correctly, you also contributed to wmutils, so thanks for that.

Welcome here! I hope you'll enjoy your stay!

RE: Hey! - venam - 11-02-2015

Hello Banana, welcome to Nixers.