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Salam Kenal! - ErHong - 19-02-2015

Hey there!

It's pleasant to stumble across a forum of dedicated *nix users. I have written multiple articles for and absolutely enjoy using and contributing to open source software. I'm looking forward to immersing myself in the community.

RE: Salam Kenal! - venam - 19-02-2015

Hello ErHong, welcome to the Nixers community.

RE: Salam Kenal! - z3bra - 19-02-2015

Hi ErHong! It's always a pleasure to get fresh meat, so welcome to the community!
It would be nice to have new people to work on our projects, or share thoughs about *nix.
You'll find the home of a few open "projects", not all software related (video compilations, Unix diaries, old protocols revival, weekly challenges)...
Some of them might look dead, but all they need is a newcomer to restart it all!

RE: Salam Kenal! - xero - 19-02-2015

welcome to nixers!

RE: Salam Kenal! - cjm - 19-02-2015

Welcome to the best community on the internet.

RE: Salam Kenal! - ErHong - 19-02-2015

Thanks, everyone! From what I've read, everyone seems super friendly.

RE: Salam Kenal! - b4dtR1p - 19-02-2015

Welcome to n* mate!

RE: Salam Kenal! - eye - 20-02-2015

welcome. have a nice time here.

RE: Salam Kenal! - nounoursheureux - 20-02-2015

Hi :) . You can go to the IRC too, it is quite active:

RE: Salam Kenal! - ErHong - 20-02-2015

(20-02-2015, 04:17 AM)nounoursheureux Wrote: Hi :) . You can go to the IRC too, it is quite active:

Awesome. Irc is where it's at.

RE: Salam Kenal! - dami0 - 20-02-2015

Hey buddy! Make sure to make full use of the services we provide :P

RE: Salam Kenal! - ErHong - 20-02-2015

Can do c: