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Hi ! - Vilhja - 28-02-2015

Hello !

I'm a computer science enthusiast, currently studying math, physics and computer science. I run Arch as my everyday system but I'm interested in all things Unix, including BSD.

I like programming in C and OCaml (yes you have guessed my nationality ...), and especially computer science problems (SAT, etc). As to how I found this board, I was lurking /r/unixporn and there is a link in the sidebar, and then I browsed forum archives and got hooked.

Looking forward to learning new stuff with you

RE: Hi ! - venam - 28-02-2015

Yet another CS student. Welcome to the Nixers community.

RE: Hi ! - nounoursheureux - 28-02-2015

Welcome :)

RE: Hi ! - eye - 28-02-2015

welcome to nixers. So many new arch users. wtf

RE: Hi ! - xero - 02-03-2015

welcome to nixers