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Hi - dchw - 06-04-2015

I am a Windows developer (C#, also some Unity3d, some Web) with a new and unhealthy Linux addiction.

Though I'm still new when it comes to the crazy stuff you guys are doing (especially with regards to your desktops - HOLY COW those are amazing), I plan to catch up soon. Until then I'll just lurk more and learn.

Posting this thread because it felt weird to lurk so much without at least saying hi :)

RE: Hi - z3bra - 06-04-2015

Hi buddy, have a nice stay :)

RE: Hi - xero - 06-04-2015

welcome to nixers.

you should just:
rmdir /s /q C:\Windows

RE: Hi - venam - 07-04-2015

Welcome to "Holy Cow" desktops forums.

RE: Hi - dchw - 07-04-2015

Thanks for the welcome, once I can get to installing some IRC client or something I might come lurk there too. Despite being an internet computer programming person for a long time I have to confess that I have never used IRC. Maybe I should turn in my computer licence or something.

"Holy Cow" is not just referring to the desktops . . but in how . . . its just . . . everything.

RE: Hi - apk - 09-04-2015

It gets pretty addicting and is a very fun past time, making a "Holy Cow" desktop. Everyone in IRC would be happy to help you with any questions or problems that may arise. Welcome to Nixers.

RE: Hi - eye - 12-04-2015

welcome to nixers

RE: Hi - October - 12-04-2015

Welcome to the dark side.