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Greetings! - cats - 10-04-2015

Hi Everybody!

I'm an old hat OS X and iOS developer who has just made the plunge into OpenBSD. Trying to get back to my Unix roots.

RE: Greetings! - kirby - 10-04-2015

Hi there, welcome to Nixers! Be sure to hop onto IRC (#nixers on and say hello :)

RE: Greetings! - venam - 10-04-2015

We had dcat (deadcat), now we have living ones too.
Welcome to Nixers.

RE: Greetings! - eye - 12-04-2015

welcome to nixers.

RE: Greetings! - October - 12-04-2015

Welcome to the dark side.

p.s. We have cookies, but no milk! DUN DUN DUN!