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Hi - spike - 14-04-2015

Hi, I'm spike. I'm a young computer engineer from Italy, I've interest in operating systems, reverse engineering, low level coding and computer security.
Nice to meet you all guys!

RE: Hi - October - 14-04-2015

Hello there! I hope you enjoy your stay here at nixers. You can also join us in the irc, (#nixers).

RE: Hi - venam - 15-04-2015

Hello spi...All hail the hypno frog.
Welcom...All hail the hypno frog.

RE: Hi - spike - 15-04-2015

Thank you guys! I've already registered to the nixers irc network, and I've joined the channel.
All hail the hypno frog!

RE: Hi - xero - 15-04-2015

welcome to nixers!