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Merry Internetbest[...] - nrmc.dubz - 21-04-2015

A very, very big hug and good wishes to nixers/IOtek-Network.
Today is #InternetBestFriendDay and I want to take this as a tiny reason to thank you nixers/IOtek for many hours full-loaded fun, interesting conversations and for your great members.

((( Special packages of digital love for those who feeling like #foreveraloneday now, are totally free for next 23 hours, if you write a response to this thread.. honestly ;) .)))
girlMode(check_if_true) {
    set _girlmode=false

This nixer stops being a pussy now and will have a drink.

Cheers, bitches,
(prost, schlampen)

[Image: 5eUJqn2.jpg]

RE: Merry Internetbest[...] - October - 21-04-2015

I can't drink.

RE: Merry Internetbest[...] - venam - 22-04-2015

I'll drink a beer today when I get back home thinking about all of you!
Cheers, let's hope the adventure gets more exciting as we grow older.