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RE: Password management - yossarian - 01-06-2017

I use kbsecret [1], which I started developing a few months ago. It's written in Ruby and runs on top of KBFS and Keybase, which has a few advantages:
  • Encryption is transparent via KBFS - I don't have to worry about managing my PGP keys, my keychain, etc.
  • At its core, it's just JSON files and a directory structure on a FUSE mount.
  • I can create "sessions" between as many Keybase users as I want, meaning that I can share API keys and secrets across teams.

Using JSON for secrets has a few other advantages, like being able to create custom record types for logins, code snippets, environment variables, To Do notes, and so forth.

There are some downsides: you need to have a Keybase account and KBFS installed (it's all open source, but this is still potentially a hassle), and it's mostly command-line for the time being: no mobile app or browser integration.

I don't want to shill for myself too much, but I'd appreciate any thoughts!


RE: Password management - buttcake - 13-07-2017

Is there something like this but for cli ?