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Ohayou! minna sama! - hyo - 11-05-2015

I don't know what I am, newfag, noob, vampire w/e :3

Hello I am a weeb who loves anime and rice, I use Linux (Arch Linux distro), Mac OS X and Windows 7. Mostly my Arch, which I use to watch anime, talk in IRC (Freenode: #archlinux) (Rizon: #rice #/a/)
I am currently trying to learn Java

I have no idea what this forum is for or how I found it, thanks.

RE: Ohayou! minna sama! - cjm - 11-05-2015

We do not discriminate in the forum. If you stay here and keep the peace its all good. Welcome to Nixers, always good to have a bigger populus.

RE: Ohayou! minna sama! - apk - 11-05-2015

Welcome to nixers! Hope to see you in irc!

RE: Ohayou! minna sama! - Wildefyr - 11-05-2015

Yes it's about time we got a vampire around here.

RE: Ohayou! minna sama! - venam - 12-05-2015

Hello stranger, let's hope you don't stay a stranger for too long.

RE: Ohayou! minna sama! - jobss - 12-05-2015

Ello bro!

Its great to have another Mac guy that uses Arch.

RE: Ohayou! minna sama! - greduan - 12-05-2015

Another weeb! :D Welcome. :)

Join the IRC man, #nixers. Though anime will probably be discussed in #offtopic.

RE: Ohayou! minna sama! - z3bra - 12-05-2015

Hi! Welcome to nixers, hoe you'll enjoy the community. Beware though, this is not a 4chan extension ;)

RE: Ohayou! minna sama! - hyo - 12-05-2015

don't worry I'm stil lurking xD going for IRC soon