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OnePlus One - hades - 16-05-2015

I got my OnePlus One today. This phone is the sex.

Anyone else got one of these?

RE: OnePlus One - jobss - 16-05-2015

I never head of OnePlus till right now.

I totally want one for the 3GB of 1866 RAM and the 801 CPU, those features are pure awesomeness! The battery is kinda small tho. I would want to see battery life figures before buying one. But the battery is not as small as the one in the new S6.

RE: OnePlus One - jobss - 17-05-2015

Eleven hours is amazing for a phone with that spec, they must have put a lot of effort into power management. If power drain is good I would get this over the S6, I was reading somewhere that being connected to the internet for 45 minutes while only reading e-mails drained the battery by 20%!

RE: OnePlus One - b4dtR1p - 23-05-2015

yep I've first edition

RE: OnePlus One - hades - 04-01-2017

I'm about to sell mine. Got a Galaxy S7 now (wanted to get back on my old carrier, and OPO wouldn't work on their network).

RE: OnePlus One - 0wl3x - 04-01-2017

Did you get the OPO over the galaxy series phones? I am trying to decide between a OPO, a Pixel XL and a S7. I've got a iPhone 6 Plus rn and I'm really happy with the size.

RE: OnePlus One - nxll - 04-01-2017

Another OnePlus One user here (If you still own one I recommend the Resurrection Remix rom). I will soon be getting the OnePlus 3T soon. I doubt it will be as good but still an improvement on the other overly marketed phones.

RE: OnePlus One - jkl - 04-01-2017

I won't buy a smartphone without a replaceable battery in the foreseeable future.

RE: OnePlus One - josuah - 05-01-2017

What cost me the most with smartphone, as with any device that makes use of electricity, is the weakness of the power cable port:
It is the electronic piece that failed the first for all electronic devices I ever saw, with exception of a few smartphones drop in water and... maybe freezers that do not have this issue.

Now, the first question I ask when I buy one of these things: Is the power port fully rugged (MIL-STD ...).

RE: OnePlus One - pranomostro - 05-01-2017


The fairphone wants to be as modular as possible, but it is kinda expensive (500€-ish?). A friend of mine has one, it had a few problems, but they got fixed. It seemed pretty open, and you can run SailfishOS on it (afaik).

Plus, it's as ethically produced as possible.