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Hello! - vesche - 21-06-2015

Happened upon the site via /r/unixporn, I suppose I'll pull up a chair. I'm a grungy, red pill arch user, python programmer, and network security dude.

I'm into ricing, golang, h+, nootropics, keto diet, downtempo music, binge-reading wikipedia, x86 assembly, crypto, noob-level auto mechanics, insert more hipster shit here, etc.

Really like the layout of site, hope to post often. :)

RE: Hello! - venam - 22-06-2015

Hello veche, welcome to Nixers.
We're all a bunch of hipsters anyways, don't worry you'll fit well!

RE: Hello! - fayesafe - 22-06-2015

Nootropics .... intresting, we should probably have an own section for that, since it's a nice topic. Anyways, welcome to the forums!

RE: Hello! - xero - 22-06-2015

welcome to nixers!

RE: Hello! - Wildefyr - 23-06-2015

Hey, welcome! Sounds like you'll fit in here just fine ;)

RE: Hello! - October - 24-06-2015

Welcome, hope you enjoy it here!