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Ho dang. - Laserswald - 23-06-2015

Hi everyone. I'm Laser, and I've been -nixing for about 7 years.

And remarkably, my desktop still looks silly.

Currently I just switched to i3 (from xmonad) and to lemonbar (from dzen2)

I'm working on them as we speak, so I BET if you ask nicely I can get screens for you beautiful fools.

Also, bear with me. I don't post anything on the anywhere, so if I never see this place again, poke me on Twitter at @laserswald.

RE: Ho dang. - October - 24-06-2015

Welcome to Nixers! Hopefully you do post on the forum, if not you can always join us in irc: (#nixers).

RE: Ho dang. - venam - 24-06-2015

Lasers are cool, you are too.
Cheers, enjoy your stay at nixers.

RE: Ho dang. - xero - 24-06-2015

welcome to nixers!

RE: Ho dang. - Laserswald - 24-06-2015

Thanks, guys! Y'all seem to have a really nice gig going here. A podcast and community projects? I'm impressed, not to mention the openness of the community. To be honest, I tend to abandon communities often, so I would love to really get into an online community for once and this seems like the place to do it.

I still don't know how I managed to ignore fora for so long. Geez. What kind of geek am I?