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Needs improvment! - Houseoftea - 28-07-2015

I have a short script:

xclip -selection clipboard
xdotool key F6
xdotool key control+c
xclip -o > ~/sites

On firefox f6 selects the url, I use this with sxhkd to quickly save sites that I may want to go back to.

Basically this relies on xdotool and xclip, I was wondering if there is:

1. a way to do this that does not need so many programs (xclip/xdotool)
2. A better (elaborate) way to do this and why

If you do something similiar let me know how you do it.

Im thinking of either writing a script that will launch iceweasel and open each saved link in a new tab. Or somehow having a startpage that would display a link to each of these sites.

I need to put some more thought into both.

all feedback, comments and stories welcome!

RE: Needs improvment! - z3bra - 28-07-2015


RE: Needs improvment! - cfoobaz - 28-07-2015

Not that it matters much since you're writing scripts, but it happens that C-l (l as in lynx) works the same as F6 to select the url in Firefox. I use it manually all the time.

RE: Needs improvment! - Houseoftea - 28-07-2015

I might have overengineered a little.
rip KISS principle

RE: Needs improvment! - cfoobaz - 28-07-2015

Indeed. I just use bookmarks if I intend to return to the site as a whole somewhat frequently. If it's just an interesting image, article, video, etc. I paste the url into a file full of links.

RE: Needs improvment! - greduan - 29-07-2015

I use I got an account before it was a yearly fee, so I have a lifetime account there.

RE: Needs improvment! - z3bra - 30-07-2015

In dwb, there is the "quickmark" feature, which lets you associate a few letters to a link. You can access them by pressing b (open quickmark) and then type those letters. This forum is marked as "nx" for me for example. So when I want to save something, I mark the page with a quick word, so I can easily come back to it.

Vimb also has this nice feature which is the "read it later" queue. You push link to a FILO list, so you can save the URL until you read them. This is a pretty cool feature which COULD make me switch away from dwb. But vimb has no tabs...