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Hey. - 075 - 01-08-2015

Hello! I'm 075. I just recently freed myself from the wonderful world of Windows™. The past week I've tested different flavours of Linux and settled for Xubuntu. (Most of you guys probably use more advanced versions) I am very happy with the performance and so far I love linux! I'd love to learn more, and I think I will do that here. I look forward to get to know you people.


RE: Hey. - Houseoftea - 01-08-2015

Xubuntu was where I started too for awhile!
It takes you awhile to reach the boundries of xfce, and by the time you do you'll probably know enough to expand it yourself.

Welcome aboard!

RE: Hey. - venam - 02-08-2015

Welcome the the forums.

RE: Hey. - wervenyt - 02-08-2015

Welcome! I've never used Xubuntu, but I've used xfce a fair amount, and it's a pretty versatile DE. I hope you enjoy your time here.

RE: Hey. - 075 - 02-08-2015

Thanks! And I think I will wervenyt :)

RE: Hey. - dkeg - 02-08-2015

Welcome. Well played.

RE: Hey. - Webtm - 02-08-2015

Welcome. Always glad to see yet another person willing to expand their horizons!

RE: Hey. - srp - 05-08-2015

Welcome to nixers.

RE: Hey. - Houseoftea - 05-08-2015

Also I thought your profile picture was cool so I copied the idea ;)