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Hello guys - Pockets69 - 06-08-2015

Hey guys, I thought I should say hi.

Came here to learn a bit more from the intricate linux world, mostly I am interested on ricing, i have been ricing for about an year, but nothing complicated, i want to get new ideas about what to do with my WM of choice (mostly BSPWM, but not limited to it).

with all that said, i do hope you people are welcoming :)

Best regards

RE: Hello guys - srp - 06-08-2015

Welcome to nixers.

RE: Hello guys - Webtm - 06-08-2015


RE: Hello guys - Houseoftea - 06-08-2015

Greetings and salutations you rice farmer.

Maybe you can share some tips in the desktop and customization section

I'm always in need of help trying to make my computer not ugly ;)

RE: Hello guys - venam - 07-08-2015

Pockets69 is a peculiar name.
Welcome to the forums.

RE: Hello guys - Pockets69 - 07-08-2015

Thanks for the warm welcome guys it's good to be around with such friendly people, also the guys on IRC, awsome ppl as well.

Again thanks for having me here :)

RE: Hello guys - apk - 08-08-2015

I saw you on IRC, you seem like a chill dude. Hope you like it here, and welcome.

RE: Hello guys - dkeg - 08-08-2015

hello P69, nice to meet you.New ideas can make for busy weekends. Enjoy!

RE: Hello guys - xero - 10-08-2015

welcome to nixers!

RE: Hello guys - neeasade - 10-08-2015


bonjour my friend

RE: Hello guys - cjm - 11-08-2015

> Welcome to *nix.