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AntiX 15 review. - bsdkeith - 10-08-2015

Now available for reading on Distrowatch.

RE: AntiX 15 review. - Houseoftea - 10-08-2015


I'm a bit of a debian fan even though I'm on gentoo now, I ran Linux BBQ for awhile and this reminds me of that!
Honestly I like the idea they're going for but I prefer Linux BBQ because I think they do it better.
With all the bbw releases it allows you to choose the desktop that's most you.

While this installs icewm and a bunch of stuff id never use and would have to clean out myself.

RE: AntiX 15 review. - bsdkeith - 11-08-2015

I used the base version (Fluxbox) when installing 13.1, & have updated from there, it's a nice light system great for browsing & e-mailing, my main use of it on a netbook (which has a Broadcom wifi) running from a 2Gb SD card.

RE: AntiX 15 review. - chc4 - 11-08-2015

I think that it's pretty ironic the defining feature of a distro named AntiX is no systemd instead of no X11...

RE: AntiX 15 review. - Houseoftea - 11-08-2015

Should be antiD