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o/ - darthlukan - 13-09-2015

Hi. My name is Brian and I'm a long-time Linux user. I found this place via r/unixporn, am a software engineer, contribute on-and-off to various Linux distributions, and otherwise spend too much time in a terminal to be accepted in most face-to-face conversations.

I'll go back to mostly lurking now.


RE: o/ - dkeg - 13-09-2015

Hello darthlukan. Nice to meet you. Welcome.

RE: o/ - venam - 14-09-2015

Like all of us, you are a terminal and console lover.

Welcome to nixers.

RE: o/ - darthlukan - 14-09-2015


RE: o/ - vypr - 14-09-2015

Welcome to Nixers.

RE: o/ - neeasade - 14-09-2015

what the cookie said

RE: o/ - xero - 14-09-2015

welcome to nixers!

RE: o/ - apk - 14-09-2015

Welcome to nixers and congradulations your introduction thread is the first thread I have posted in while using my new unicomp keyboard god damn this is nice

RE: o/ - darthlukan - 15-09-2015

*Looks up "unicomp" keyboard* *drools*

RE: o/ - ChefIronBelly - 15-09-2015

welcome aboard