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#rice contest - neeasade - 28-09-2015


An IRC channel I frequent, #rice on the Rizon network, is hosting a contest. The contest is to theme a desktop to a season.


To submit, you can send an email to to spoonm with your submission if you aren't on the Rizon network.

The deadline is this Friday, 10/02/2015.

Thought maybe some of you would be interested.


RE: #rice contest - venam - 28-09-2015

Summary: You have to choose a season and customize everything to fit.

Let's post some ideas on this thread and what we chose.
We can probably come up with excellent screenshots together (I know, we have the best around here).

RE: #rice contest - October - 28-09-2015

I'm going to do winter.

RE: #rice contest - z3bra - 28-09-2015

I might go with winter too. Or all four, if I find some time :D

RE: #rice contest - venam - 01-10-2015

This is my entry for autumn/fall.

[Image: 1tc3K5d.png]
[Image: T50dAaO.png]

I didn't submit it yet and I'm not sure if I will.

RE: #rice contest - neeasade - 01-10-2015

Looking swell :)

I went with spring.

[Image: 9fFPVE.png]

RE: #rice contest - Mafia - 07-10-2015

God dammnit, don't make me go rice guys. I need to prepare for college!
Also, venam that shit is fucking beautiful.

RE: #rice contest - neeasade - 08-10-2015

Second contest is up, for those interested:

Theme is to an object in your room, focus is on non unconventional panels.

RE: #rice contest - chc4 - 08-10-2015

I did the last one, but an object in my room isn't all that good. My bar is pretty bare too, so wouldn't really know where to start with making it "unconventional"

RE: #rice contest - Mafia - 08-10-2015

Where are the results even posted?

RE: #rice contest - neeasade - 09-10-2015

(08-10-2015, 11:14 PM)Mafia Wrote: Where are the results even posted?

the needlepoll was messed with, tomoko was declared winner.

RE: #rice contest - venam - 09-10-2015

(09-10-2015, 12:07 AM)neeasade Wrote:
Quote:Where are the results even posted?

the needlepoll was messed with, tomoko was declared winner.
chc4, yours, and kyubiko are my favorite.