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AgentNate reporting in - AgentNate - 30-11-2015

Hey guys, I'm what I guess would be a Unix/Linux enthusiast. I run Funtoo on a Lenovo Flex 15 and a custom built desktop. I've got a strong interest in programming and all things computer science. I stumbled upon this forum while looking for some help configuring a custom kernel when I first got into using Gentoo/Funtoo and the smaller and slower community is what has attracted me - it's like the opposite of anything on Reddit and that's exactly what I've been looking for. I hope to learn a lot from you guys!

RE: AgentNate reporting in - xero - 30-11-2015

welcome to nixers

feel free to join us at: #nixers

RE: AgentNate reporting in - z3bra - 30-11-2015

welcome here mate! we're always looking forward to new users that will participate to the forum with fresh new ideas! Feel free to dig through old posts and revive some forgotten thread, or simply create new ones!

Don't forget to hang on IRC too (don't stay too long, some people idling there are silly ;))

RE: AgentNate reporting in - ChefIronBelly - 30-11-2015

Welcome to nixers

RE: AgentNate reporting in - neeasade - 30-11-2015

o7 report received.

RE: AgentNate reporting in - venam - 01-12-2015

Where's the cookie?
Welcome to nixers.

RE: AgentNate reporting in - apk - 01-12-2015

(01-12-2015, 01:43 AM)venam Wrote: Where's the cookie?

He had to buy some more midget porn for Richard. He said he'll be back shortly.

RE: AgentNate reporting in - srp - 01-12-2015

(01-12-2015, 02:29 AM)dsplayer14 Wrote: He had to buy some more midget porn for Richard. He said he'll be back shortly.

Sorry I'm late.

Welcome to Nixers!

RE: AgentNate reporting in - pranomostro - 01-12-2015

Hello, AgenTnaTe (i dislike camelcase, sorry).