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Grammar/spelling rules update - NeoTerra - 02-09-2012


RE: Grammar/spelling rules update - Phyrne - 03-09-2012

(02-09-2012, 03:43 PM)NeoTerra Wrote: So as I hope all of you know, we expect the highest level of grammar and spelling on this board. I go through and edit and fix grammar/spelling in posts, so if you noticed your post changing, don't be alarmed.

I have, however, decided to let the grammar/spelling rules slide a little in the off-topic and introductions section, just because it's a place where posts are a little more informal. As for the rest of the board, I expect the best spelling and grammar you are capable of, not only for neatness's sake, but also because it makes it easier for people to read and communicate. Please note that the "No profanity rule" is still in effect across all sections. Profanity is immature and detracts from the overall image of UnixHub. Posts containing profanity will be edited and a "MOD EDIT: No profanity please" comment will be added at the bottom of the post.


In regard to the rule on profanity; would asterisks in place of letters be deemed acceptable?

For example:
"I'm aware that the above question makes me sound like a bit of a d**k"

RE: Grammar/spelling rules update - Phyrne - 03-09-2012

Totally understandable :) Just wanted to clarify.

P.S: That totally could have said 'dork' ;)

RE: Grammar/spelling rules update - lolimsoasd - 07-09-2012

Hmm good, when fixing my grammar please tell what was wrong :P
I'm having matriculation exam in 2 weeks.