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FOSDEM 2016 - kirby - 07-12-2015

Hi all, I was just wondering if anybody is planning on going to next year's FOSDEM? I'm strongly considering it as a few friends from university are going, it'd be cool to see some of you guys there as well. I'm also still sort of looking for accommodation so again if anything could be sorted out that'd be great too.

(Apologies if this is the wrong board, couldn't decide between this and Off Topic).

RE: FOSDEM 2016 - b4dtR1p - 09-12-2015

I was there last year, but I think this time can not...

RE: FOSDEM 2016 - zidhuss - 09-12-2015

How was it? I think I'll be free that week so I'm looking to head down.

RE: FOSDEM 2016 - b4dtR1p - 09-12-2015

a great experience!

RE: FOSDEM 2016 - pranomostro - 10-12-2015

Well, I am going to the 32c3 this year.
Anybody else there?
(yes, I want to turn this into a general conference thread).

RE: FOSDEM 2016 - dtnt - 10-12-2015

FOSDEM is on my list, but might interfere with another conference. I'll be at 32C3.

RE: FOSDEM 2016 - zidhuss - 11-01-2016

Booked the journey. Look forward to seeing some of you there.

RE: FOSDEM 2016 - kirby - 11-01-2016

I can't make it anymore :(

RE: FOSDEM 2016 - XcelQ - 24-01-2016

Does anybody have a list of what they are going to talk about?

RE: FOSDEM 2016 - zidhuss - 24-01-2016

The schedule is on

RE: FOSDEM 2016 - venam - 01-02-2016

How was it? I heard from a friend that there was a lot of beer and that they were giving Firefox OS phones.