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Hi! Im nkparadox! - nkparadox - 30-12-2015

Hello i'm nkparadox! I've been using linux 6 years now. I found this forum through z3bras page (which i found awesome by the way). I'm here because i find that when you are around people that share the shame interests you learn more.

RE: Hi! Im nkparadox! - venam - 30-12-2015

Yo nkparadox, welcome to our forums!
Yes, z3bra lives around these parts.
If you're lucky enough you can find him eating grass near the river.

RE: Hi! Im nkparadox! - arcetera - 30-12-2015

oh, hello

welcome to nixers

prepare for the cookie

RE: Hi! Im nkparadox! - Houseoftea - 30-12-2015

Cookie incoming?
Welcome to nixers

RE: Hi! Im nkparadox! - vypr - 30-12-2015

Welcome to Nixers.

RE: Hi! Im nkparadox! - pranomostro - 01-01-2016

>shame interests
I think I have a new favourite word combination now.


RE: Hi! Im nkparadox! - Houseoftea - 01-01-2016

(01-01-2016, 12:26 PM)pranomostro Wrote: >shame interests

we here all are ashamed of the time we spend on computers

RE: Hi! Im nkparadox! - nkparadox - 02-01-2016

(01-01-2016, 04:58 PM)Houseoftea Wrote:
(01-01-2016, 12:26 PM)pranomostro Wrote: >shame interests

we here all are ashamed of the time we spend on computers
I don't really read what i write! And because english is not my native language mistakes are made. :D

RE: Hi! Im nkparadox! - cjm - 02-01-2016

Welcome to the forums! Enjoy your stay!

RE: Hi! Im nkparadox! - xero - 04-01-2016

welcome to nixers!
join us at #nixers

RE: Hi! Im nkparadox! - nkparadox - 10-01-2016

For a long time now i want to take a step further and compile my own kernel with the modules need for my laptop only. But i have no clue how to do it. Is there a guide you guys used for the first time you did it?

RE: Hi! Im nkparadox! - Houseoftea - 11-01-2016

What I did when I installed crux was press h on all the things and read though and make a judgement. It took forever and was far from precise but it turned out pretty nice. I'm sure the others have more precise instructions. I assure you though it just looks daunting, its not that bad

RE: Hi! Im nkparadox! - z3bra - 11-01-2016

If I'm updating my kernel, I simply copy the running config to the new source tree, and rebuild the kernel:

cd /usr/src/linux-$VERSION
gzip -cd < /proc/config.gz > .config

In case of new install (where I don't have an old conf to copy from), I run "make menuconfig" and activate the following

Device Drivers  --->
    [M] Sound card support  --->
        [M] Advanced Linux Sound Architecture  --->

    File systems
    (whatever FS I'll need)

The default settings should be sane enough to let you boot into the kernel (unless you have some really exotic hardware).

Once I'm sure the kernel can boot, I'll go back into the source directory, run "make menuconfig" again, and go through ALL THE ENTRIES, and decide wether I want them or not. I'll try to disable as much things as I want, while ensuring I can still boot the kernel from time to time.

Once everything is stripped down, and that my kernel boots, I'm done with it, and will only compile new modules as needed, then run "depmod" to map the freshly created module.

In case I want to enable wifi support, I'll try sacrifying a virgin or two, just in case.