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Hello nixers - sagittarius - 03-02-2016

Dear nixers,

I'm glad to be here. I hope that together, we'll share good tips and good times.

What about me. I'm a Linux enthusiast, ricing my workflow day after day, tweaking my urxvt/neovim config since 1832, trying all kinds of minimal wm, looking for new cli tools that will change my life, breaking/pentesting things all day long. Student in cybersecurity, I love CTFs, challenges, loud music, vim keybindings, docker, scripts that I can't understandand few other pointless stuffs.

I almost forgot, thank you for your dark theme. I can visit you without a raging headache.

Forgive me, I'm not a native English speaker :)

--- [:(){ :|:& };:] ---

RE: Hello nixers - rocx - 03-02-2016

(03-02-2016, 07:53 PM)sagittarius Wrote: Forgive me, I'm not a native English speaker :)

Anyone else notice how people who apologize like this have a better grasp on English than native speakers of it?

RE: Hello nixers - apk - 03-02-2016

i has always thinked that native english speak is got good grasp but remember to end never sentence with with.

greetings to nixers

RE: Hello nixers - venam - 04-02-2016

Welcome to nixers.
If you want the headache back you can change the theme in your user panel.
I'd love to discuss security with you.
See you around!

RE: Hello nixers - z3bra - 04-02-2016

Nice to see new peoples around! Would love to talk about security too. At some point, we (nixers) were thinking about organizing an in-house CTF, but it never happened. Maybe we could give it another go!

Also, welcome to the forum!

RE: Hello nixers - kirby - 04-02-2016

Welcome to Nixers! I'm looking to get into security too (got an internship over the summer), would be interesting to discuss it with you some time. Be sure to hop on the irc! :)

RE: Hello nixers - xero - 04-02-2016

welcome to nixers!

RE: Hello nixers - neeasade - 04-02-2016

Welcome to pizza


RE: Hello nixers - arcetera - 04-02-2016

welcome to the forums

RE: Hello nixers - sagittarius - 04-02-2016

Thank you guys. I'll be happy to talk about security or CTF, even if I'm not that good (but god, i LOVE it).

RE: Hello nixers - xero - 04-02-2016

(04-02-2016, 12:18 PM)neeasade Wrote: Welcome to pizza

[Image: 3747396?v=3&s=400]

RE: Hello nixers - Wildefyr - 05-02-2016

(04-02-2016, 06:53 PM)xero Wrote:
(04-02-2016, 12:18 PM)neeasade Wrote: Welcome to pizza

[Image: 3747396?v=3&s=400]

This should be the official way to greet all new people here at

RE: Hello nixers - sagittarius - 05-02-2016

Agree. But I'd prefer a photo of you xero.

RE: Hello nixers - venam - 05-02-2016

(05-02-2016, 04:57 AM)Wildefyr Wrote:
Quote:Welcome to pizza

But you have to agree that this pizza looks quite tasty. It must have a great texture.

RE: Hello nixers - neeasade - 05-02-2016

Thanks for all the pizzattention. It was tasty venam.

RE: Hello nixers - pranomostro - 06-02-2016

Another field I don't know anything about,
except some stuff you can do wrong while programming
C (a lot).
Maybe, with you in the forums, I'll learn a little bit
on the go.

Anyway, welcome!

RE: Hello nixers - srp - 10-02-2016

Welcome to Nixers.