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Whats Good? - locc - 27-03-2016

Whats up, my name's locc. I am in my first semester of college taking classes in the web development field and enjoying every minute of it (except for gen eds :P). Ive been using linux for quite some time and starting to really get into the ricing game. And I'm happy to contribute to the site.

RE: Whats Good? - acg - 28-03-2016

Welcome to nixers, locc!

RE: Whats Good? - venam - 28-03-2016

We'll help you ride the wave.

RE: Whats Good? - z3bra - 28-03-2016

It's always good to meet some fresh new meet! Welcome here!

RE: Whats Good? - xero - 28-03-2016

welcome to nixers

RE: Whats Good? - vypr - 29-03-2016

Welcome to Nixers.

RE: Whats Good? - pranomostro - 31-03-2016

Ah, I wish I had anything related to computer science in school...

Anyway, feel yourself welcomed.