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Hello there - crypto - 18-04-2016

After seeing Nixers pop up on peoples' irc chats on /r/unixporn, it seemed like a community with similar interests to mine so I decided to give it a try. I'm running i3wm on Arch on my laptop and hoping to get it up on my desktop in the future when I have time. I'm looking forward to meeting you all and will see you on irc this aftternoon!



RE: Hello there - arcetera - 18-04-2016

welcome to hell nixers

RE: Hello there - crypto - 18-04-2016

*clacks on Satan GH60 Keyboard* I'm ready.

RE: Hello there - pranomostro - 18-04-2016

welcome to ~the freak palace~

RE: Hello there - crypto - 18-04-2016

(18-04-2016, 04:26 PM)pranomostro Wrote: welcome to ~the freak palace~

>>> best regards -ichiban don t die for revolution live for it.
>>> ok that s probably it.
>>> url http.
>>> long story short i want my sustainable cabin to be tendered by robots.
>>> oh and i finally started learning c c i m most proficient in java se ee.
>>> i am positive i will not be disappointed in my decision.
>>> what now.
>>> i m an archfag.
>>> and a few weeks ago and since i could not re-master debian properly so i had to use ubuntu to create a custom cd in order to carry on using my netbook.
>>> but i have tested it in the past i just want to learn more about it seeing how unix based it is.

Certainly got the archfag right. ;)

RE: Hello there - josuah - 18-04-2016

Jrypbzr gurer

I'm really know little about cryptography, so I only wrote 13 char to greet you.

RE: Hello there - crypto - 19-04-2016

Haha I'm no expert, but that looks like a rot13

Gunax lbh

RE: Hello there - venam - 19-04-2016

Welcome to nixers crypto.

RE: Hello there - pranomostro - 19-04-2016

>Certainly got the archfag right. ;)

Don't blame me, it was the machine (and of course [mpu]( :)

RE: Hello there - xero - 19-04-2016

Quote:welcome to nixers

RE: Hello there - crypto - 19-04-2016

Haha I know; good looking site by the way. Do you use edit daily?

Thank you for all the welcomes!

RE: Hello there - pranomostro - 19-04-2016

Nope, I stick with sam.

Anything with vi keybindings interferes heavily with the neo ( layout (hjkl, ick hör dir trapsen!),
but maybe I will try vis ( one day.

Which editor do you use? Plain old vim/emacs? Or something more hipster :D

RE: Hello there - crypto - 20-04-2016

I actually have only been running Linux for almost a year now so I haven't gotten a change to try out many editors. I've stuck with vim ever since I first learned how to find my way around with it which has been working for me. In fact, I didn't even know of sam or vis's existence until now!