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hi - rain1 - 18-04-2016

hello everyone, I decided to make an account since I have just started using openbsd today. I switched because I got so sick of endless trouble on linux. Hopefully this is the start of cutting out the garbage from my computing. I'm a fan of dvorak, scheme and I like learning about crypto too. Have a good day!

RE: hi - arcetera - 18-04-2016

hello I've seen you on lobsters

RE: hi - josuah - 18-04-2016

aeoui rain1!

There can't be rain on lobsters, they are in the sea, just like chicken.

RE: hi - acg - 18-04-2016

welcome to the crew. you've joined the nixers game.

RE: hi - venam - 19-04-2016

I'm glad there are so many new members, welcome in!

RE: hi - crypto - 19-04-2016

Welcome! I just joined today as well. I've heard that dvorak makes a huge difference for ergonomics - what board do you use?

RE: hi - pranomostro - 19-04-2016


Ah, good. Somebody with some sanity in his head.


Down with the filthy Common lisp!


Yeah, he is a nice guy.

RE: hi - rain1 - 19-04-2016

Thank you for the warm welcome everyone!

I use a goldtouch keyboard ![my keyboard](

I would recommend trying a split keyboard to everyone that hasn't: if you think about it in terms of the human body a straight keyboard isn't logical at all.

RE: hi - xero - 19-04-2016

(19-04-2016, 08:34 AM)rain1 Wrote: I use a goldtouch keyboard

nice. i'm also a fan of the splits! i use a kinesis freestyle and an ergodox

Quote:welcome to nixers