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new member - vvv - 04-05-2016

hé, tout le monde! just wanted to say you guys provide some great info, found many a solution to my *nix problems from lurking on here.

been using gnu/linux as a primary os for a few years and have never interacted with the community thus far, but I figured, "better late than never!"

see you in future threads,

RE: new member - venam - 05-05-2016

Hello vvv,
You'll see, it's nice to have a community around you.

RE: new member - pranomostro - 05-05-2016

Beautiful artwork is always a pleasure.

Hello, stranger.

RE: new member - xero - 05-05-2016

Quote:welcome to nixers

RE: new member - neeasade - 05-05-2016

is your favorite game VVVVVV

RE: new member - rocx - 05-05-2016

(05-05-2016, 11:13 AM)neeasade Wrote: is your favorite game VVVVVV

He will need to get ALL the trinkets as a test.

RE: new member - xero - 05-05-2016

join ┄┄─┤ vvv ( joined #unix
    vvv │ (test)
quit ┄┄─┤ signoff: vvv (Quit: leaving)

nice to see you on our irc

RE: new member - Wildefyr - 05-05-2016

(05-05-2016, 11:03 AM)xero Wrote:
Quote:welcome to nixers

RE: new member - josuah - 06-05-2016

(05-05-2016, 06:34 PM)Wildefyr Wrote: xero Wrote:  
Quote:Bienvenue à nixers

Nice to have a "new old-timer".x

RE: new member - vvv - 11-05-2016

now i feel like a doofus lol thank you for all the excellent welcome messages. net was down for a few days :p