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ratterplatter - movq - 14-07-2016

In case you miss your old machine ...

Another one of those totally useless toys. :-)

For comparison, here's a recording of the real computer: (and that's also the file I used to extract the samples).

Linux-only, though, sorry BSD guys.

RE: ratterplatter - venam - 14-07-2016

I tried it, it's pretty cool but gets annoying very fast especially when you use a lot of IO.
Still a sweet idea.

RE: ratterplatter - pranomostro - 14-07-2016

Na, thanks, I've got a 2009 machine running in my room.

It's still more important than sleep.

RE: ratterplatter - movq - 14-07-2016

Oh yeah, it's annoying as hell. No idea how I've ever gotten used to that sound. This wasn't even my loudest machine ...

I'm thankful that modern PCs don't make any noise at all -- unless you torture them.

@pranomostro: You keep it running during night time? In the room where you sleep? I'd probably kill myself. %)

RE: ratterplatter - pranomostro - 15-07-2016

Sometimes I shut if down, sometimes it runs during the night.

Sleeping works 'cause I'm usually tired enough not to bother.