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+--- Thread: forum (/Thread-nixers-net-forum) forum - robotchaos - 19-08-2016

Just wanted to say I really enjoy the forums here. The themes and layout are very favorable. The minimalism of the "View New Posts" and "View Today's Posts" are just wonderful. Good job guys. Very enjoyable.

RE: forum - josuah - 24-08-2016

I think it is a MyBB instance, setup and configured by venam and folks. But there is some original implementation too: and whatnot...

I like it as well. Just works and is simple. Worx even with w3m \o/

RE: forum - Tmplt - 26-08-2016

It's simple without redundant stuff. I enjoy that. The only feature I miss, though, is some notification when someone replies to a post I've made. But perhaps that has been mentioned before?

RE: forum - robotchaos - 26-08-2016

does changing your default subscription method to Instant email notification do as you desire? just enabled it, so i guess we'll see

EDIT: got an email notification for the 'sshbio' namechange thread. i think it does as expected. get an email when someone responds to a thread you have posted in

RE: forum - Tmplt - 27-08-2016

I wasn't aware that was a thing. Thanks!

RE: forum - robotchaos - 27-08-2016

No worries. Glad we both found it