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Chocolate Milk - venam - 18-09-2016

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Chocolate Milk

Link of the recording [ ]

Adam's story, milky chocolate, unicomp, and plan9.

--(Show Notes)--

Music: Future Chiptune - Andrey Avkhimovich

RE: Chocolate Milk - xero - 19-09-2016


this has been my favorite episode yet. nice work bros!

RE: Chocolate Milk - apk - 19-09-2016

recently (in the past year) Bell Lab's Plan 9 site has been down every now and then for long periods of time. This is a good mirror in case you can't access it.

RE: Chocolate Milk - citrus - 19-09-2016

Great podcast! That was a lot of fun to listen too. Thanks to the both of you, venam and apk. Now I feel like I have to watch plan 9 from outer space. Is anybody here running plan9 or a fork of it? I've been experimenting with acme from plan9port, it's a tough transition from vim, but has a very simple interface.

RE: Chocolate Milk - pranomostro - 19-09-2016

How about sam?