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Hello all! - NetherOrb - 28-10-2016

Right. Introductions.

Im a student who began delving into this rather large world of deeper computing(programming, learning of OS's rather than merely browsing the web and playing games.) I cant quite remember what began this journey but perhaps doesnt matter.

I somehow stumbed on this. And by stumbled I really mean by lurking on Z3bras blog...For awhile. So shoutout to him for his awesome contributions to the community. Creepyness aside, from content to community the unix culture is rather unique and am glad to be fortunate enough to know of it.

I looke forward to what we can create and all discussions we may have!

RE: Hello all! - venam - 29-10-2016

Cool, hope you'll enjoy the discussions.
Welcome to the forums NetherOrb.

RE: Hello all! - pranomostro - 29-10-2016

»Orb« reminds me of 'The familiar'.


RE: Hello all! - NetherOrb - 29-10-2016

Hello to you both.

Im impressed with the stockpile of information you have on the unix philosophy and history. Ive read through most of what you had post already.

RE: Hello all! - pranomostro - 29-10-2016

Have you heard the podcasts by venam? They are phenomenal.

RE: Hello all! - NetherOrb - 29-10-2016

Ah! Straight to the source. Thanks!

RE: Hello all! - akts - 01-11-2016

Welcome to the forums NetherOrb.

RE: Hello all! - LazarusIV - 01-11-2016

Welcome welcome, you've found a great community!

RE: Hello all! - kirby - 01-11-2016

Welcome to Nixers!

RE: Hello all! - josuah - 03-11-2016

Z3bra's, and multiple other nixer's websites is also how I discovered nixers. It is nice to have these forums to talk in addition of our own blogs and websites.

Welcome here!