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Hi. - Modal - 05-11-2016

Hi. I'm Modal. I like Nujabes, Python, and smashing my face into terminal windows and calling the result "code".

I run an open source Last alternative that's currently in alpha.

Found this site again via r/unixporn. I remember seeing this site years ago, though.

RE: Hi. - venam - 05-11-2016

Welcome to the forums.
Glad you thought of visiting us!

RE: Hi. - jkl - 05-11-2016

Welcome! :)

RE: Hi. - NetherOrb - 05-11-2016

A tragedy to lose Nujabes. I enjoyed his work as well.


RE: Hi. - pranomostro - 06-11-2016

Found via /r/unixporn.

This is like next level shit, my friend.

RE: Hi. - apk - 06-11-2016

cant find a good girl so we hug the mic stand

RE: Hi. - josuah - 08-11-2016

Discovering Nuajabes thanks to you mentioning it. Listenning Aruarian Dance right now... It is great!

I kind of discovered /r/unixporn from here, oh well...

Have a happy nixers browsing next after terminal smashing.

RE: Hi. - LazarusIV - 09-11-2016

Welcome to! You've joined a great community!

RE: Hi. - xero - 09-11-2016

Quote:welcome to nixers

RE: Hi. - Modal - 04-12-2016

Finally remembered to log back in!

Thanks for all the replies dudes. That's dope. And yea, losing Nujabes is truly a tragedy. Either way, he left us with his music and that's more than anyone could ask for.