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Hey - wurstey - 14-11-2016

On my quest for security and a potential switch to OpenBSD I did some research and found this forum.
I didn't have much time to have a detailed look-around but overall it seemed helpful (Break time is so short).
Also, I have been looking for a place to pose the occasional dumb question (I will probably be joining the IRC for this purpose when the need arises)

Currently running Arch. However, as indicated above, I am looking for something more secure in the future.

Professionally, I am a psychologist.
Doing tech things is my favourite past time, besides martial arts (currently BJJ, still a white belt) and some of the lighter humanities (history, languages).

RE: Hey - venam - 14-11-2016

Phenomenal, I think I've found my mental soul mate.
Our likings are complementary: I work as a software developer and hold psychology as a hobby, especially social sciences.

I'm pleased you found us.
Thanks to Big brother, he knows his stuff.

RE: Hey - josuah - 14-11-2016

> Switch to OpenBSD

Also on my to-do list. It is the home of so many great projects (LibreSSL, mandoc, etc.) that I must at least try the whole system!

Great to have people from diverse background. :)

RE: Hey - pranomostro - 15-11-2016

And martial arts! I am currently doing Taekwondo (last 4 years), before that I did some Aikido,
for 6 years, and before that some Judo, but that is long ago.

What is BJJ? I haven't heard of it yet.

And ask as many dumb questions as you want, it's really nice that people from so many professions
are here! josuah is doing some biology, I really like philosophy and politics (but also from a rather
philosophical point), and xero and venam are into art, glitch art/ascii art as well. And there is of
course also the ricing, which could be counted as an own art form as well.

RE: Hey - wurstey - 15-11-2016

(14-11-2016, 04:45 PM)venam Wrote: Phenomenal, I think I've found my mental soul mate.
Let's take it slow, though, it lasts longer then, so I heard.

(14-11-2016, 05:14 PM)josuah Wrote: Also on my to-do list.
and there it sits for oh so long already. but some day!

(15-11-2016, 05:37 AM)pranomostro Wrote: What is BJJ?

And there is of course also the ricing, which could be counted as an own art form as well.
Brazilian Jiu Jitsu. It is similar to judo. Mainly ground-combat focused. I had my fair share of other stuff as well, most of the time Jeet Kune Do and some Arnis/Kali.

I really admire beautiful ricing work. My own attempts were never akin to any of the like. Hence, I concluded I am more of a simple man when it comes to aesthetics.

EDIT: oh yeah and thanks for the warm welcome.