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Trying to compile linux-sun-jdk16 - Robby - 05-09-2012

I'm in need of this file jdk-6u33-linux-i586.bin which I cannot find anywhere on the internet. I found u34 and above but not u33*.bin and I need that placed in /usr/ports/distfiles in order to compile. This is the only work around seen so far with linux support and the nvidia driver compiled to get minecraft working correctly.

I use openjdk and it works fine for epicbot used to bot my runescape account, eventually once its botted to the max i'll be able to sell it for nice $$. Could anyone else help me find this file? It's driving me crazy had I been on 9.0 this would be alot less work but I can't upgrade to 9.0 on this desktop, some of you know why. I'll even pay you a dollar or two if you manage to find it.

RE: Trying to compile linux-sun-jdk16 - FreeBSD - 05-09-2012

This will explain it here