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FreeBSD on Dell E7250 - robotchaos - 12-04-2017

Dell E7250 running i5-5300U and HD Graphics 5500... i cannot get X to load without the scfb driver. intel and vesa both don't work. does anyone have this chipset, or anyone have any suggestions? i saw one fellow was able to load by adding his device id into the kernel, do i need to do something similar? i have tried 11-RELEASE, 11-STABLE, and 12-CURRENT.

i loaded up trueOS to find out if that would load X alright, and it seemed to...

please provide any tips. i also don't mind running scfb if i can change the blasted resolution. everytime i try

xrandr --mode 1366x768

it tells me --mode must be used after --output and i can't find which output i am on

RE: FreeBSD on Dell E7250 - Mafia - 14-04-2017

Just type xrandr and it will tell you your output. That is the wrong syntax. On a laptop it would usually be:
xrandr --output LVDS --mode 1366x768
Or whatever you want your res to be. Sorry about the X problem though, I don't use FreeBSD nor use scfb or that chipset.

RE: FreeBSD on Dell E7250 - robotchaos - 14-04-2017

i'm thinking of putting freebsd back on there with zfs + geli. any experience with geli?

RE: FreeBSD on Dell E7250 - Mafia - 15-04-2017

Nah I have never used it.