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Google "dorks" - D9u - 06-09-2012

Google dorks are nothing new, yet are an indespensible tool for truly tapping into the power of Google Search.

There are dorks for finding SQLi vulnerabilities, dorks for finding ***, you name it.

Here I'll share one of my favorite Google dorks, useful for finding free mp3 downloads:
‘intitle:index.of’ mp3 Robin+Trower

Just substitute your artist for "Robin+Trower" and enter it into a Google Search box.

There's all sorts of Google dorks.

What are some of your favorite Google dorks?

RE: Google "dorks" - deadgone - 06-09-2012

I love these things.

RE: Google "dorks" - pac - 06-09-2012

2 my favoruite are:

filetype:docx Domain Registrar $user $pass I found many good working usernames and passwords here
intitle:"hp laserjet" inurl:info_configuration.htm So much fun here, printers, cameras, all different kind of machines to have fun with.

RE: Google "dorks" - FreeBSD - 06-09-2012

I like to look up how many of something there is! For example if you look up file:PDF and look at the number of results you can see how many PDF files there are on the internet.. not including the deep web