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Tox - buttcake - 10-05-2017

I've been using the toxic client for a while and even though I knew about ratox I did not try it because I never really used suckless type software before.

Is there currently any way I can pipe the passphrase required for an encrypted tox profile from let's say, pass ? Like how toxic has 'password_eval' ?

Also general tox thread, I'd be interested in reading your experiences regarding various clients since I've only used toxic so far.

RE: Tox - evbo - 10-05-2017

I've never messed with Tox in general before, I've read up on what it is though. I am curious what your use case for it is?

RE: Tox - buttcake - 10-05-2017

I'm just using it to talk to two of my friends. Tox was an easy choice because it has a plethora of user interfaces available unlike other applications which operate under the secure messaging umbrella.

RE: Tox - kyberkhrime - 11-05-2017

Quote: Also general tox thread, I'd be interested in reading your experiences regarding various clients since I've only used toxic so far.
I hope general Tox-experiences are acceptable as well. I initially placed great hope into it, but was eventually pushed away by the clusterfuck around the separation of core developers from the Tox foundation back in 2015, which, at the time, was the culmination of hostilities that had boiled for a while. Contributions and suggestions from non-community-members were always treated way harsher than necessary. It felt too toxic (Ha!) for my taste.

On a technical side, the fact that group chats, whose encryption was one of my favorite features, proved to be too unreliable for my liking. In general, the project always had a experimental vibe surrounding it, and if I want my friends to use something, it has to be, at least to some degree, stable. In the end I went back to trusted alternatives (XMPP + OTR, Signal, ..). I liked the idea behind Tox a lot, but I have a feeling that its prime time has passed.

RE: Tox - buttcake - 11-05-2017

I also share your feeling but xmpp + otr is too hard for 'normal' people to use. Basically with tox you make them install qtox and utox and then you give them 'this string' which they add and voila, while with xmpp+otr it's a lot of work for someone who keeps asking why I won't just create a facebook account and what I have to hide. Lately I was thinking of trying out profanity with the onemo plugin which is being worked on but I don't really have a simple solution for the other end.

RE: Tox - kyberkhrime - 12-05-2017

^ Signal, WhatsApp, Viber, Threema .. there are plenty of possibilities to get your non-tech friends to use secure ways of instant messaging. I know WhatsApp is widely disliked for various reasons, which are absolutely legitimate. But if you are 'only' after the privacy and security of your communication, then (in 99.5% of the use-cases) it's perfectly fine to use. The cryptography behind it is solid. Please don't burn me at the stake for this sentence.

RE: Tox - buttcake - 12-05-2017

I know. But none of those have a comfy command line application.

RE: Tox - robotchaos - 12-05-2017

Telegram is pretty good too. my friends and I were trying to use tox, but offline communication was too much of a hassle so we switched to Telegram. the stickers are a huge bonus

RE: Tox - jvarg - 13-05-2017

(12-05-2017, 12:32 PM)robotchaos Wrote: the stickers are a huge bonus

the stickers are the best feature in telegram! They are easily 90% of my telegram conversations with a bit of telegram bot messages*


the problem is the adaptation of new messangers from non-tech people. WhatsApp is dominant here and like kyberkhrime already said, the crypto they use, is legit.. but i never thought (regarding tox) that /g/ would deliver :D

RE: Tox - pranomostro - 13-05-2017

We are still working on it...

I am starting again to work on ratox (after a 1 1/2 month break) and trying to get into tox development.
I am also trying to convert some people into using tox with me (which isn't easy, but what can one do...).

Also note that tox is not really meant as a whatsapp/telegram replacement, I think that signal is a lot
better for that. Tox is more intended to replace skype while still being completely distributed. Achieving that
while keeping it user friendly is tough, and it does not even support off-line messaging at the moment!

But there is still progress, and I hope we can improve it over time.