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Gemini PDA - ajz - 24-05-2018

Have you guys heard about the Gemini PDA? It's a clamshell hardware keyboard phone, made by a London based company Planet Computers. It comes with Android by default, but they open-sourced the bootloader and the kernel, and you can already run Debian & postmarketOS on it. I backed it during the campaign, people are already receiving them, mine should arrive end of this month. I bought it for hacking and experimentation, but I will try it as my daily driver phone too.

First off I want to see how well a 'TUI' (inside X) on postmarketOS would work, e.g. orgmode for calendar and todo lists (I already use this on my lappy), newsboat (and KOreader) for reading, profanity and irssi for chat..etc -- and just wanna see generally how useful would I find it working from the terminal. I will also try setting keyboard shortucts for most common apps, and work out some multitasking view (wm recommendations are welcome :)) I'm also interested in trying Sailfish OS, and postmarketOS with a mobile GUI, like Hildon. I'm not very interested in running Android on it, but I will try. It's not very well suited for landscape orientation in my experience. Especially the thick application 'headers' and 'footers' bother me.

I will post some workflow videos when it arrives.

Indiegogo link:

Maybe the best video currently out there (there aren't many):

Their website:

RE: Gemini PDA - venam - 24-05-2018

Very interesting device at the edge of technology.
The only real issues I see with it is that you might obstruct the view of the screen with your hands while typing and that you can't see who's calling before replying (if the device is closed).
Please be sure to keep us posted when the device arrives, I've got more questions to ask.

RE: Gemini PDA - ajz - 28-05-2018

I haven't thought about my hand obstructing the view.. that could be an issue indeed. Not seeing who's the caller without opening it could be annoying, especially without a smartwatch (I don't want one). It has RGB leds on the back, you can set pattern and color in Android for each contact, which is only useful for people you call frequently.

I'm around order 8000, they are shipping out orders around 5000, so it might be some time.

RE: Gemini PDA - venam - 29-05-2018

(28-05-2018, 09:07 PM)ajz Wrote: I'm around order 8000, they are shipping out orders around 5000, so it might be some time.
Which version are you getting, the one with wifi only or the one with esim and normal sim?

That person in the youtube video you've linked is extremely nerve wrecking, almost impolite. (I had to say it)

RE: Gemini PDA - ajz - 29-05-2018

I'm getting the sim version.

I'm glad I'm not the only one who felt that way about the video.. It was uncomfortable to watch. The CEO handled it very well though. Unfortunately that's the only video where you can see multiple OSs running on it right now. I would really like to see a proper portmarketOS with Hildon demo :)

RE: Gemini PDA - mrtn - 30-05-2018

Reminds me of the GDP Pocket - only smaller and with the possibility to have mobile internet. Cool! Looking forward reading from you, how you find it and how much usage it actually gets.

(Link to the original crowdfunding: