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Howdy - jlervin - 27-08-2018

Hi Everyone,

My name is Josh, I'm a 20 year old computer science at the University of Washington Seattle. I currently work as a TA for some of the intro CS classes here at UW and I'm a research assistant at UW Medicine. In my free time I like to customize my linux box and post to /r/unixporn. This summer I wrote my own window manager, berry, which I plan to work on and upgrade over the next couple weeks until school starts again. I've considered writing a terminal emulate with VTE or something similar, but I'm open to fun ideas for what to do next.

RE: Howdy - venam - 27-08-2018

Hello jlervin and welcome to the forums.

RE: Howdy - jkl - 28-08-2018

Welcome, Josh! I hope we can softly move you to an actual Unix. :-p