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ROCK64 is amazing - prx* - 28-12-2018

I wanted to leave Intel/AMD or any amd64 arch after meltdown/spectre and so.
I found the ROCK64 ( on the OpenBSD supported hardware and I have some fun last few days.

It's small, it's fast and is very power saving. Plus, it's 100% free instead of raspberry pi and proprietary firmwares.
OpenBSD runs fine on this, I installed it on the eMMC memory.

Anyway, just wanted to tell that if you're interested by these arm64 chips, go ahead. :)

Does anyone else use it?

RE: ROCK64 is amazing - mrtn - 28-12-2018

Interesting. I'm kinda interested in a Pinebook, but haven't pulled the trigger so far. What's your typical workload that you are doing with it?

RE: ROCK64 is amazing - prx* - 02-01-2019

I use it as my own server : web, mail, DNS authoritative, seedbox (rtorrent).

RE: ROCK64 is amazing - gaak - 02-01-2019

@thuban how are you managing updates? cross-compile and copy over to the r64, or build on the r64, or just re-install every 6 months?

@mrtn the pinebook 14" looks good, the 11" has a keyboard from hell.

RE: ROCK64 is amazing - prx* - 02-01-2019

For now, I use "syspatch" and "pkg_add -uv".
I wan't to prepare a bunch of script to compile on my own. Or run -current.
Every six month, I follow the upgrade procedure and cleanup the server.

Yeah, the pinebook looks amazing.

RE: ROCK64 is amazing - d9a - 04-01-2019

How do you like it compared to the Raspberry Pi? A big advantage to the Pi is the support it has. Right now I'm trying to find the most libre single board to use as a server. Rock64 looks like a decent option. I want as little proprietary firmware as possible.

RE: ROCK64 is amazing - prx* - 06-01-2019

Above all, it doesn't require any proprietary firmware :).
I use it as my main server with pleasure/

RE: ROCK64 is amazing - Wildefyr - 09-06-2019

Really thinking using the rock64 as the board for my homemade dashcam setup. I can use USB cam modules for both rear and front, with ffmpeg combining the two. Using one of my spare 500GB m.2 boards I have laying around in my rig not doing anything I can use as the storage and could probably record entire journeys no problem. I could also then add a mic too and have an in-car recording setup. The cherry on top would probably be using it as a bluetooth sink to send audio via the aux cable in the speakers.

RE: ROCK64 is amazing - Halfwit - 09-06-2019

I just got an rpi3 due to hardware support on plan9, but they have arm64 now... maybe this will be my next upgrade!