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Hello there - d9a - 03-01-2019


I'm from Colorado and really enjoy using Unix-based operating systems. Right now I'm trying to settle on a Linux distribution to use. I am a Free Software advocate and try to focus on maintaining privacy. I'm also a programmer studying Computer Science, but I've taken a break because school's expensive. As a result, I need to get back to coding. I really enjoy it but haven't made it a priority in a couple years. I haven't ever looked at these forums before, so I don't really know what to expect. I'm just looking for new friends.

RE: Hello there - jkl - 03-01-2019

Why do you even consider Linux if you enjoy Unix-based operating systems? Stick with the original. :-)

Welcome to nixers.

RE: Hello there - d9a - 03-01-2019

Because Linux is what I'm familiar with. Eventually I'd like to learn OpenBSD.


RE: Hello there - jkl - 03-01-2019

So you haven't even used Unix-based operating systems yet? How can you enjoy them then?

Sigh. Youngsters.

RE: Hello there - d9a - 03-01-2019

Depends on your definition of the word "based".

Also, "Unix-like" might've been more apt to use.

RE: Hello there - Dworin - 03-01-2019

Welcome here. If by saying free you're thinking of FSF, I think Debian would be the logical choice or perhaps linux-libre. If you're interested in openbsd, just install it, isn't that the best (only?) way to learn?

RE: Hello there - jkl - 03-01-2019

(03-01-2019, 08:24 PM)d9a Wrote: Depends on your definition of the word "based".

"Based on" = "directly derived from". The only free and open source Unix in existence is OpenSolaris (currently, illumos). The "free" BSDs had mostly diverged by the end of the 80s, thanks to AT&T. Not that OpenBSD was bad though - I quite like it, actually.

See, you've been here for a few hours and you already learned something. :-)

RE: Hello there - d9a - 04-01-2019

Haven't used OpenBSD yet because I haven't had the time to learn something completely new. I plan on doing it though in the near future. Right now I have Fedora installed, but I'm thinking Debian or Void Linux. I also want to try Alpine Linux on my server.

RE: Hello there - jkl - 04-01-2019

If these are the choices to which you limited yourself, I'd say Void wins. Alpine has a severe lack of package maintainers and Debian has systemd.

RE: Hello there - venam - 04-01-2019

Hello and welcome to the forums d9a.