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FOSDEM 2019 - z3bra - 18-01-2019

Hey guys,

I was wondering if any of you guys were going to FOSDEM this year?
I will be there for the 2 days and it would be great if we could meet some nixers there!


RE: FOSDEM 2019 - d9a - 18-01-2019

At some point I really want to go to Europe. It'd be really cool to meet cool people and visit. Maybe I'll be able to go to FOSDEM 2020!

RE: FOSDEM 2019 - sff - 18-01-2019

I will probably be attending, it depends on whether I can convince some of my friends to come along.
Would be my first time going to FOSDEM, what should I expect?

RE: FOSDEM 2019 - z3bra - 19-01-2019

That's my first time too, so no idea what to expect. I'm going alone btw, so if you're searching friends there I'm ok ;)

RE: FOSDEM 2019 - gaak - 21-01-2019 looks good -- won't be able to make it though. :/

RE: FOSDEM 2019 - venam - 27-02-2019

What other conferences are interesting to attend or that you will personally go to. I might book one this year.

Maybe it should be posted to another thread because we don't have one already on that, only one about certifications and trainings.

RE: FOSDEM 2019 - b4dtR1p - 10-03-2019

maybe i come z3bra, but im not sure, I was there two years ago and it was fantastic

RE: FOSDEM 2019 - z3bra - 12-03-2019

You missed it bro, that was a couple weeks ago. That was cool though and I'd like to go next year again

RE: FOSDEM 2019 - b4dtR1p - 12-03-2019

oh fuck, at the university again?im so fucking busy at work atm im out of head, so sorry bro