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Cheat Sheets and Reference Cards - venam - 19-01-2019

Hello fellow nixers,

In this thread we'll share our favorite cheat sheets, reference cards, and maybe even useful one liners.

You can also ask other members to create cheat sheets or reference cards or simplified summarized schemas wishlists, or create one yourself.

Here's a good list:

My wishlist would be to have a cheatsheet for desktop entries and default programs. Something that would cover XDG utilities too, mimeopen and all mime things and desktop entries manipulation.

I may try to compile this list myself if no one wants to join in. Or maybe we should put all our cheat sheets in a common repository in the Github user group.

Let's get ideas rolling.

RE: Cheat Sheets and Reference Cards - pkal - 20-01-2019

This thread finally motivated me to configure the documents section on my website, starting with cheatsheets:

Most of these seem to overlap with what you already posted, but hopefully someone might find something they like.

RE: Cheat Sheets and Reference Cards - neeasade - 21-01-2019

RE: Cheat Sheets and Reference Cards - gaak - 21-01-2019

Keeping history also helps with this; either via an unlimited shell history + ctrl-r, or using your editor to drive your shell.

Another thing that helps is to write a paper and try to make sense of the tool -- e.g. -- where the goal is to gain a conceptual understanding of the tool. Once the core concepts are understood, it's easier to remember the fiddly bits.

RE: Cheat Sheets and Reference Cards - venam - 31-01-2019

Here are a bunch of simple ones, the type you can use to facilitate explaining concepts to others: