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Three letter usernames - gmk - 03-04-2019

I don't usually go as "gmk" online.

I'm only using it here because three letter usernames are standard on old UNIX systems.
Normally I'm "geremachek" everywhere, by that's hard to spell and pronounce.

I've made a few other posts here but, I thought I'd just do the introduction thing. I've been using Linux for about two years now. I've also been programming for about the same time so I don't really have any experience programming outside of it. I'm obsessed with CLI and TUI applications. Right now the only graphical programs I use are i3, termite, firefox, and feh. I always have fun looking around on github and looking for cool TUI/CLI programs and seeing if I can make my own personalized version of them. I find that I get more use of a program if I've written it myself.

So this is my introduction! : )

RE: Three letter usernames - venam - 04-04-2019

Re-implementing something yourself is certainly a great way to understand what's under the hood, I agree.

Welcome to nixers.

RE: Three letter usernames - jkl - 04-04-2019

Old UNIX systems allowed more than three characters for user names. Anyway, welcome to nixers!

RE: Three letter usernames - gmk - 04-04-2019

(04-04-2019, 04:25 AM)jkl Wrote: Old UNIX systems allowed more than three characters for user names. Anyway, welcome to nixers!
Hmmmm. Maybe you're right. I was just thinking about bwk, dfb, etc. I think back in the day three letter usernames where a standard for user names, but not at the software level.

RE: Three letter usernames - twee - 01-06-2019

Three letter usernames are definitely reminiscient of old hacker culture. I personally don't use my initials as they are quite unique, and searching for them brings up information about me (admittedly on the second page of results, but still).

In places where I don't mind whether people can find me, or where it's beneficial for people to be able to know who I am, I use my initials for the same reason - they're pretty unique.

But most of the time I just go as Twee.