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Scavenger Hunt (June 2019) - venam - 04-06-2019

Hello nixers,
Welcome to this June edition of the scavenger hunt.

I don't think anyone needs much introduction to the topic. You can find the other years solutions in this thread: which when enough persons finish will be updated with the solution to this one.


- A good font that supports unicode display
- openssl
- patience

So here we go:

A text file of an IRC chat log of a secret society was found. It looks intricate.

First Step Hints

Here's a first level hint for the start
You should get an IP and a port, dots and the colon included.
And a second hint for the first step, if you are still stuck
Facts aren't binary. They can be placed on a scale/rating, think of them like a number system. Snopes has the possible ranges. The dot and colon can be in the system after the numbers.
A third one if you are hopeless for the first step:
The system starts at 0 and ends with . then :

If you are stuck at any point you can contact me on IRC.

RE: Scavenger Hunt (June 2019) - venam - 13-06-2019

Seems like everyone is stuck on this one. Please don't feel bad about asking for more clues, it's part of the fun.

RE: Scavenger Hunt (June 2019) - Halfwit - 14-06-2019

I was playing for a bit with this, but I'm pretty busy working on a few projects, so this hit the backburner.

RE: Scavenger Hunt (June 2019) - acg - 14-06-2019

Same here, I tried to, but noticed I'll have to make some time for it. Luckily next week I start part-time so I'll get my hands on it.

RE: Scavenger Hunt (June 2019) - venam - 09-07-2019

Just a reminder that this is still ongoing and that if you need any new hints or help I'm open for questions.

RE: Scavenger Hunt (June 2019) - z3bra - 27-07-2019

I just read the solution... The first step was just too hard for me and I couldn't pass through it.
You did an awesome job there buddy!
I wish I could finish it, really! Oh and btw, it's not my dedup program but sin's, I just gave a hand with dynamic chunking ;)