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Fonts and colors. - phillbush - 05-05-2020

The foundations of a well designed ricing are the typeface and the color scheme.
Together, they are the base on which text are displayed and colorized on terminals, bars, frames, windows, dmenus, etc.

Use this thread to share your font and color scheme, and to ask for recommendations.

If you want, you can take a screenshot of a code or text (or a TUI console program) where both the font and the color scheme are shown.

Here is mine: I use Input Mono Narrow with the Tango color scheme.
I use this color scheme since GNOME 2.0, that color scheme came with gnome terminal.
I have put the colors of the color scheme in the image, at below right. Today I use xterm, but the color scheme remains the same.
The input font is very contrastive, with easily differentiable gliphs. I like it a lot.

RE: Fonts and colors. - sth - 05-05-2020

For antialiased fonts, I've really been liking Hack a lot lately. The main reason is that I like using italic typefaces, but most fonts italicize / | and \ which end up looking like 'drunk slash', 'slightly forward slash' and 'drunk pipe' when italicized. Hack uses the same glyphs for regular and italic - much nicer.

RE: Fonts and colors. - neeasade - 05-05-2020

For a few years now, I've really dug serif'd fonts, even when wanting a monospace experience. My previous combination was go mono and charter -- I've got a shot of those here with the base16-grayscale-light colorscheme.

About 6 months ago, I pulled the trigger on some commercial fonts by Matthew Butterick, and now my combination is Triplicate and Equity. I'm recently trying out a soft looking emacs theme someone made by playing around in the lab colorspace. Here's a shot.

RE: Fonts and colors. - thuban - 08-05-2020

I also love Hack font.
For colorsheme, Nord is my default for long now :

RE: Fonts and colors. - twee - 08-05-2020

When I have a display that makes smooth fonts look nice, I'm partial to Go Mono Italic or IBM Plex Italic, depending on whether I'm looking for crispness or comfiness; I generally prefer serif fonts but IBM have done a really good job with Plex.

Most of the time though I use low budget laptops and prefer bitmap fonts. Terminus is my go-to if I need more glyphs, but most of the time I find
works fine.

All these fonts have been italicized, I set it as a mistake once ages ago and liked it.

In terms of colours, I don't like lots of them. I have TERM set to vt100 and a few rules to stop them from showing up. So my foreground is #000000 and my background is #ffffc7. My wallpaper is either #ffccff (pink) or #ccf7f7 (blue), depending on my mood.

RE: Fonts and colors. - wolf - 13-05-2020

I'm using the console default font from OpenBSD : Spleen.
Despite of being very big, its comfortable to read ( especially with URxvt*letterSpace:1 )