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New in town - dhruv - 05-05-2020

Hi there I'm new.

I'm a fairly novice developer, mostly Python. I run Pop_OS on a thinkpad, and used to run Lubuntu on a macbook pro.

RE: New in town - venam - 06-05-2020

Hello dhruv,
Welcome to nixers. I've never tried Pop_OS, is it good on a portable device?

RE: New in town - jkl - 07-05-2020

Welcome to nixers! Pop_OS has a nice user interface, but the underlying system is not very stable...

RE: New in town - dhruv - 13-05-2020

It does have some quirks especially after an upgrade to 20.04, but I don't recall using a *nix that didn't...

RE: New in town - jkl - 14-05-2020

I admit that I lost track here.

RE: New in town - dhruv - 14-05-2020

Wow, sorry, I must have copy pasted an email or something, my bad, editing now.